Get helped from consultant who renders HR and wealth management solutions

There service providers who will render the service much needed for the people in every walk of life. The consultants offer services like finance management, wealth management, HR services and loan assistance. Such consultants provide solutions to the small and midsized companies and also for the individuals. For companies they help with HR processing and for individuals they help with financial management and loan assistance. These consultants charge amount of money as a fee to offer the best solutions as per the need of the customer. The customer here refers to everyone who seeks their assistance. How can we help is a page or a link available in the consultant website from which you can get to know the services they offer and interact with them through email or call to get clear idea.  

Human resource operations

The human resource department is the one of the imperative part of any business or the company.  The human resource department and the person who works in the department are shortly called as HR. The HR department is very important for every company as they regulate and organize the human source in the company. They are responsible for recruiting the man power, training them, performance monitor, motivation, payroll processing, retention and termination. The HR managers will recruit the man power for the company and they give proper training to the person if needed. After the training they will be monitored and if there is slackness in the performance they take corrective measures or if the person if doing well then the HR team will motivate the person to continue their best. HR team will process the payroll for the employees so that they can issue the salary to every person in the company. They not only hire the employee but also they terminate the employee if they are not satisfied with the performance and activities of the employee. If the employee is continuously delivering the best then they try different strategies to retain the employee.

Loan assistance

In case of loan assistance is the service provided to the person who seeks loan for important purposes of life like home loan, vehicle loan, educational loan and other loans. The consultant helps the person to transfer the loan from existing bank to some other banks and help them to avail fresh loan.

Wealth management

The consultant supplies the wealth management services in order to help the individuals and the companies to regulate the wealth and finance in effective way. They render help in such a way about investment management, financial management and asset management.


Welcome to Juno Consultants

J uno Consultants was launched in the year 1996 by a group of experienced industry professionals and consultants to deliver corporates and other commercial and social organizations a suite of assurance products under one single roof.

  • Assisting in wealth management.
  • Loan assistance services with full peace of mind.
  • Use temp agencies to get human resources for temporary jobs.
  • Payroll processing, HR legal compliance and employment laws.