Recruitment processes which are followed by the HR managers

Organisations cannot do anything without proper human resources therefore they use to recruit suitable candidates in order to perform the processes such as manufacturing, marketing and sales etc. However recruitment is not an easy task for the companies because they will have to identify the right person from thousands of candidates. They will have to spend lot of time for this. The human resource (HR) department in the organisations will recruit the candidates for the organisation. Sometimes, the companies will also get the assistance of some commercial recruitment agencies or consultancies in order to hire people. But most of the companies are having their own human resource department therefore they will make use of them rather than choosing an external agency.

General recruitment processes

First of all, the human resource department will analyse the employment status of the organisation and find out the positions for which they have to recruit people. Once it is estimated, the human resource managers will analyse the skills that the person should have to get this position. At the same time, they will estimate the number of persons needed for the available positions. Once everything is estimated, they will announce the recruitment.

Generally every human resource department will have a strategy to be followed while recruiting employees for the companies. According to that strategy, the organisation would have mentioned about what kind of employees that they are seeking for and what kind of skills and knowledge that the person should possess in order to work in the organisation. The human resource department will make the selection by considering all those aspects.

Generally some of the organisations will collect the profiles first and they will go through all of them and short list the suitable profiles. Then they will call the candidates to attend the interview. Meanwhile some of the organisation will directly call the applicants for the interview and they will conduct the tests to evaluate the skills of the candidates. Generally most of the companies will select on the basis of his or her performance in the tests but some organisations use to conduct physical examination additionally to select the candidate. In such cases, the candidates will have to meet the eligibility criteria fixed by the company.

In the time of screening, the HR managers will analyse the candidate’s subject knowledge, interpersonal skills, psychological skills and language skills etc. They will select the candidate only if he satisfies the managers in all these aspects.